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The Complete Guide to Website Auditing

  July 25,2023

You should think again if you've never spent time auditing your website. Websites are similar to these sophisticated organisms that might surprise you anytime. Additionally, if you don't periodically audit, you won't know any problems hiding below the surface.


Website audits are, therefore, an urgent need. They assist you in finding such concealed issues and ensure your website's stability. Website audits may help you up your SEO game!


A website audit entails what?


Consider a website audit as a thorough website health check. Before beginning any significant SEO or website overhaul, you should evaluate the performance of your website.


Every website element is carefully checked and analyzed during a website audit. The primary objectives are understanding its functionality and ensuring it supports your goals. It resembles a thorough evaluation of the functionality and health of your website.


What Kinds of Website Audits Are There?


How to audit a website must now be on your mind. Here are a few typical website audit kinds that marketers find to be quite helpful:


Audit of competitive websites:


You can find essential chances your brand might overlook by doing a competitive website audit. It resembles looking through the manuals of competing businesses in your industry to see their strategies and then adopting those strategies into your plan.


Analyze a competitor's website SWOT to determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Let's dissect it further:


Strengths: What distinguishes their website? It could be simpler to use than yours.


What are their weaknesses in those areas? Their website, for instance, may have slower page loading speeds.


Opportunities: Does their website have any holes or missing tools? These can end up being your hidden tools for gaining an advantage.


Threats: Do they appear higher in search engine results than you do? Your website can lose leads as a result of this.


Remember to record the tools and software they employ to automate their procedures throughout this audit. You may discover fantastic new methods to manage your website more successfully and make it even more user-friendly.


SEO Link Analysis


This audit analyses the links heading to your website to find any problems or possibilities with your backlink profile. To improve your site's ranking for your target keywords, you should analyze your links and make any necessary adjustments.


Many things are considered during a link audit, including the domain, the anchor text, and the source of the link. This determines whether value and "link juice" are transmitted to your page.


Okay! Therefore, how do you begin a link audit? You may collect all of your link information using Google Search Console. After entering your domain, go to "Links to your site" under "Search Traffic" and extract the most recent links to build a spreadsheet for link audits.


Last but not least, you must personally assess your links. Consider the anchor text (the terms in your links), IP address, and page content while reviewing your spreadsheet.


Audit for Lead Conversion Optimisation:


A lead conversion optimization audit is an in-depth analysis of your website's conversion problems and possibilities. It entails determining the origins and manner of website traffic.


You may use Google Analytics, a great tool, to determine where your visitors are coming from. Doing this lets you better understand your audience's habits and tailor your website's content to suit their requirements.


Speaking about content, you must evaluate the material on your website. Make sure it is relevant, instructive, and valuable. Are the most recent details about your company now accessible and noticeable?


Does your content also contain pertinent terms and phrases to raise its position in search engine results pages (SERPs)? Content that needs to be updated or relevant might help conversions and your SERP position.


In addition, the following crucial elements of your website should be noted:


Forms: Do they gather enough data to allow you to reach out to leads?


Checkout procedure: If you see a high rate of cart abandonments, clients may need help with your website's checkout procedure.


Layout and design: Your actions (CTAs) should be obvious and unambiguous. Is it difficult to read because the text is too small?


User encounter: Do you know any elements that might aggravate site visitors?


You may detect and address any possible roadblocks influencing the lead conversion rate on your website when you evaluate these areas.


Examining social media:


You should perform a social media audit if you need to see increased website traffic from your social media networks.


Make a list of all social media accounts connected to your business first. Spend more time investigating to ensure you recognize all charges created by other departments within your organization that you might not know.


Once you've created the list, it's time to evaluate each account to determine if it complements the branding of your business. Keep an eye out for consistency in using graphics, logos, and tone of voice.


Then, go through each account to check for consistency with the business's brand, including using the same imagery, logo, and tone of voice.


When you're done, assess how well each page performed. Determine which kind of material works best and which ones perform poorly. Additionally, confirm how frequently these sites are updated.


Finally, improve your understanding of your audience and optimize your social media plan to engage them using the learnings from the assessment effectively.


Remember that doing a social media audit is an opportunity to optimize your online brand performance and social media presence.


Website audit for SEO:


An SEO website audit identifies the many elements of your website that impact how well it performs in search engine results. It involves more than link analysis. It comprises factors like the use of keywords, the caliber of the material, the metadata, the speed of the website, the user experience, and video optimization.


Crawl through the pages of your website to conduct an SEO website assessment. You may assess many SEO indicators using various tools, such as crawling, indexing, security, usability, and other technical issues impacting your site's search engine ranking.


You can perform an SEO audit independently, but drawbacks include the time commitment and the potential for error.


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Anytime you need help, our staff is happy to help. With the help of our experience, we ensure that your SEO requirements are addressed successfully, enhancing online exposure, boosting organic traffic, and eventually improving company outcomes.

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