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Trends in Digital Marketing You Should Watch

  August 1,2023

The pace of technology advancement is rapid. Every year, new and popular social media applications, improved smartphones, and other technological developments emerge, promising to revolutionize digital marketing. With so many choices, it's essential to cut through the hype. 

We have compiled a list of the top digital marketing trends for the coming year to help you stay updated and informed.


The top 10 trends in digital marketing


The following emerging trends in digital marketing might help you interact with your clients more effectively in the future year:


Cookies and privacy


Google is working to eliminate third-party cookies from its websites to increase internet privacy. Firefox and Safari no longer support them. Your onsite and banner ads may be shown differently due to this change. Websites won't be allowed to fill adverts with tracking cookies.


Thankfully, Google and other platforms are developing new onsite ad placement algorithms that enhance privacy. Until 2023, cookies won't be declared officially extinct. Using keywords and placing your advertisements on websites that give your ads a logical context can help you modify your digital advertising.


Voice SEO:


Many of your clients use digital assistants to make their lives simpler. They are still popular. People may do online searches using features offered by digital assistants like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, and Google's Assistant without ever touching their phones.. 20% of internet searches in 2021 will be voice-based.


Consider adjusting your search engine optimization (SEO) for voice search this year. Consider the words and phrases people could use to search for you on their virtual assistant. When using voice search, a user may ask, "What's a good Italian restaurant in Chicago?" instead of typing "Italian restaurants in Chicago" into a search engine.


In-feed purchasing:


Shoppable posts on social media might be familiar to you if you own an e-commerce company. Now that your Facebook and Instagram pages are connected to your online store, customers may purchase goods directly from postings in their news feeds.


With shopping campaigns, Google Ads provides yet another in-feed shopping tool. These advertisements appear as shoppable pictures and 

are connected to your product catalog. Make your advertisement and include the search terms people might use to locate it. Then, specify your criteria, including your location and an inventory number. Once you've sold out of the product, Google may remove the advertisement.  


Push alerts:


Use this tool to promote future specials, instantaneously issue digital receipts, and remind consumers of impending appointments.


In 2021, 7.1 billion people were rumored to be using mobile devices. Therefore, it's a safe assumption that most of your clients carry smartphones. Additionally, you may contact your consumers via their phones using push notifications. 


You may send them personalized messages via push notifications that appear as a message bubble on their home screen or as an SMS in their text feed on their mobile device. 


Learn how to use push notifications to interact with your customers and attract them to your website.‌


SMS promotion:


Using text messages to communicate directly with your customers is another trend in digital marketing. You may interact with your clients by sending SMS messages, push alerts, and email marketing. With this application, you may send text messages to your customers immediately after they have consented. 


SMS marketing frequently involves discounts, coupons, and personalized messaging. Make sure your clients may opt out and keep these notifications brief.


Video promotion:


The typical person spends roughly 100 minutes each day watching web videos. One of the most popular Facebook activities is watching videos. By producing video advertisements, you may enter this industry. There are several approaches to this. Using video, you may inform and interact with your audience by setting up a YouTube or Vimeo channel.


You may also engage your audience by producing social media content and TikTok business videos. Share your videos using popular hashtags to make them easier to locate by people. You can use over-the-top (OTT) advertising to produce video content sparingly. Make 10- to 15-second-long advertisements that you may play over existing videos. 


OTT advertisements start other streaming videos. Utilize them to engage viewers. 


Email segmentation and marketing:


Both internet service providers and customers prioritize privacy. Show your email list the same difference. Send personalized emails to various portions of your audience during email marketing.


You can benefit each person on your email list by doing this. Be considerate in your email marketing, and make it simple for subscribers to unsubscribe.


Interactive material:


Social media and other online platforms are popular for consumers to communicate with companies. Additionally, interactive material enables real-time communication with your audience.


People may interact with you while you shoot your video using features like Facebook Live and Instagram Live. Utilize this tool to interact with your clients. An "ask me anything" live event or a product Q&A are also options. For a few weeks, promote this event to encourage more excellent attendance. For a high-quality event, pay attention to your streaming arrangement.


Dialogic advertising:


Conversational marketing is another emerging digital trend. This relates to consumer contact methods like chatbots, AI assistants, and other technologies. It may be used to create leads, enhance customer service, and respond to inquiries.


With conversational marketing, your clients may communicate with a bot via text messages or chat to swiftly and efficiently resolve their problems. By using this technology, you may remain accessible around the clock without having to return calls and emails personally. Chats can be escalated to you or a contact center if your clients require a human.


Use of influencers:


A vast spectrum of potential clients may become available if you collaborate with an influencer in your field. Over $13 billion was produced by the sector in 2021. 


Giving complementary goods or hiring a social media influencer to promote your product is part of this marketing technique. In return, they write a blog article informing their audience about your company. 


For instance, you may collaborate with well-known individuals on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. Consider collaborating with a micro-influencer, or someone who has 1,000 to 10,000 followers, as an alternative to paying much money to work with a vast influencer who has millions of followers. 


According to Forbes, a micro-influencer may help a brand by providing access to a specific target market segment interested in your offer. Their followers frequently see them as being more trustworthy.


Where should your digital marketing efforts be concentrated?


You don't have to get involved in each of these ten digital marketing trends, so don't stress. Start by conducting a thorough study before determining which is ideal for your company. Integrating the tools into your digital marketing plan will be simpler if you choose those that best suit your target audience. Then, decide on one to begin with. 


As per the expert of BestWish IT, Once you feel confident using one of the newest trends in digital marketing, try out others and enjoy expanding your company! Or think about organizing your digital marketing offerings by priority.

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